Promoting action by learning ,the unity of knowing and doing,VIGOUR-- The effect of gas training is remarkable

From July 2 to July 4, Shanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd. carried out a three-day Special Gas talent training program to enhance the professional talents' in-depth understanding of special gas and industry knowledge and enhance their ability to serve diversified customers. This training is sponsored by the gas circle. Senior personnel of semiconductor companies who have been responsible for the application, quality, technology and management of electronic special gas for many years are invited to share and teach the standardization and standard requirements of semiconductor companies for electronic special gas suppliers by combining theory with practice. In the electronic special gas class, the question and answer session is active, and the interactive content is grounded without losing its connotation. Why do some semiconductor companies prefer agents to manufacturers? What is the most concerned point of electronic special gas auditors? Why do phosphine / silane / arsenane and other alkane electronic special gases sometimes use pure gas, sometimes mixed with hydrogen, sometimes mixed with nitrogen? What's the principle? What are the new gas opportunities in 12 inch process compared with 8 inch process? Clf3, C4F6, C3H6, CF3I, geh4, HBr and other gases are still hot topics in this issue.




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VIGOUR——is a high quality supplier of ultra high purity fluid control. In this training, we exhibited high purity / ultra-high purity series of gas pressure relief valves and pipe valve accessories, which were unanimously recognized by the industry. Our service staff explained the product details and application to the consultants one by one, and the atmosphere was very warm. Help others and be yourself. Vigour has always insisted on opening the boundary, linking the upstream and downstream resources of the industry, establishing an industrial environment of "mutualism, symbiosis and regeneration" and a win-win and prosperous business ecosystem with partners, jointly laying out future intelligent technologies and cutting-edge products, deeply exploring the future development trend of ultra-high purity fluid control system, redefining ultra-high purity fluid equipment, creating products suitable for different gases and scenarios, and continuing to provide users with excellent products and use experience.  Enjoy delicate and painstaking artworks which are originated from  Germany .Haogu let every user experience the industrial art within reach! In the future, Vigour will seriously implement the new development concept, promote at all levels by "based on its own development reality", pay close attention to the implementation, track the effect, and carry out the normal management of Outward Training. At the same time, Vigour will also overcome difficulties, forge ahead, make unremitting efforts to successfully complete all tasks and indicators of the year, and make unremitting efforts to achieve high-quality development of Vigour.

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